Welcome to The Edward Gostling Foundation's online form for charities to apply for grant funding.


Please register with an e-mail address and password to begin. Once registered, you will be able to log in and out of your application, adding information as you go until you select the “complete” key at the end, at which point no further changes can be made although you will be able to log in and view the application’s status.


All the application questions contained in the form can be seen at the link below. Remember, you can save at any time and return to it later.


We recommend that before you start, you read our Grant Application Guidelines . For Large Grants Programme Applications over £10K we would also refer you to Guidance for Preparing your Grant Application , designed to help you prepare the info we require.


We wish you every success with your fundraising. We do not have the funds to help every charity that applies and each application is carefully considered. At times our funds may be limited and priority will be given to smaller charities bringing about transformational change.


For any help you may require, please call the Grants Team at 01753 753900.

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